Useful Links

medical marijuana therapy


  • New York State Department of Health website has wealth of information about medical marijuana program rules, qualifying conditions, registered providers and dispensaries
  • United Patients Group (UPG) website is a good resource for patients. Since this organization is based in California much of the regulatory information does not apply to patients in NYS, but it has good articles for patients who are just beginning to learn about the benefits of marijuana, such as Beginners Guide, How to consume Cannabis and How it works.
  • Here is the next step to learn about the benefits of CBD and some of its medical application
  • It is time to get serious with education. Dustin Sulak, DO has a great site with Youtube videos and very informative online courses delivered at a consumer level. Those who really want to make medical marijuana therapy work for them will sign up on his website and take advantage of free education provided by him.
  • NORML has a good database of medical marijuana information organized by condition. You can find your specific disease state and see the latest information on medical marijuana treatment of your condition.
  • Safe Access has great hand-outs also organized by condition. The information there is more specialized with summaries of the latest research for those who want some deeper knowledge of the subject


  • SAHMSA website should be the first online stop for anyone struggling with addiction. All the resources are there, just start clicking and acting.