• Comprehensive Medical Care

    Comprehensive Medical Care

    At SNA Medical, our primary goal is to provide the highest quality patient care with compassion. We treat a full spectrum of conditions and illnesses. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Anna Yatskar will create a personalized treatment plan,…

  • SUBOXONE® Treatment

    SUBOXONE® Treatment

    What is SUBOXONE?  SUBOXONE is a prescription medication used for treatment of opioid dependence. SUBOXONE will help people maintain their treatment by overcoming the symptoms of withdrawal and cutting down on the cravings. Opioid dependence causes the brain to have changes…

  • Medical Marijuana Therapy

    Medical Marijuana Therapy

    Message from  Anna Yatskar MD: Thanks to the hard work of so many patients, doctors, supporters and advocates, medical marijuana therapy became a reality in New York State. I am a strong believer in the efficacy of responsible medical marijuana use…